Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chasing progress

It's easy to "let yourself go" after making great progress.  Once you've achieved an awesome goal, if you don't have another lofty goal waiting to get conquered like your last one, you're just asking to get sucker punched by a backslide into mediocrity.  It'd be nice to say "don't worry about it, because it happens to everybody from time to time," but unless your goal is to be just like everyone else, you shouldn't take something like this sitting down.  The backslide into mediocrity doesn't stop once you hit "mediocre".  It runs much deeper than that. 

I write this because it needs to be written, and more specifically, I write this to call someone out.  Someone who oughta know better; someone who oughta be better at practicing what he preaches.  That someone is me. 

That's right, I've climbed high, but I've let myself fall low.  I achieved my RKC certification seven months ago, and I began a slow, steady decline in my physical abilities shortly thereafter.  There are a lot of things I could try to blame (being busy with school and work, etc.), but after a long time of thinking hard about this, I've narrowed the culprit down to two things:  1) Not setting big goals followed by smaller ones to achieve along the way, and 2) not prioritizing.

It's that simple. 

So this blog, among other things, will be a chronicle of my return to badassery.  It will contain not only my routine for returning to and surpassing my previous achievements, but also my thoughts on various things relating to healing the injuries I've accrued, reaching new heights in strength and conditioning, and thoughts on various topics relating to these things.  Enjoy, and feel free to comment.


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